A mentalism routine by Simon Edwards

Can an untrained bystander learn to transmit thoughts?

And even read minds?

+ The spectator successfully sends a thought to the performer.

+ The performer then steals a thought from the spectator.

+ The spectator finally receives a thought from the performer.

ESPsycrets is a demonstration of two-way telepathy between the mentalist and a completely unbriefed member of the audience.

This full mind-reading routine uses ESP cards (which can be unmarked), requires no sleight of hand and is suitable for performers at every level.

ESPsycrets is suitable for informal, close-up and stage performances.

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Discover what people are saying about ESPsycrets.

“This is an extraordinarily handsome booklet containing a very powerful, basic routine using ESP cards. The many photos and detailed explanation make it quite easy to learn.”

“Good thinking. The routine plays well and is nicely constructed.”
Greg Arce

“Well-written, well-credited, clearly explained and the effect sits well. What more could you ask for?”
Jerome Finley